How to Sponsor at Southside

Each year at Southside Little League, we provide a safe and fun filled summer for close to 400 area children and their families. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers and relies each year on registrations, fundraising events, donations and generous sponsors to fund our services.

This year, with the help of many generous volunteers and sponsors who donated time, materials and monies we were able to accomplish several things. We were able to: Install new drain system on the Instructional field, installed 2 new score boards on the Softball and Junior fields, completed the handicap accessible entrance gate and ramp from the parking lot into the park, and turned the back concession stand into a score tower for the Jr. field. We extend a warm thank you to all who made this possible.

There are several projects that need to be completed with your support through sponsorship and donations. Park volunteers will not be able to work on these projects without help from our community. The projects will enhance safety and aid in providing adequate services to our players and patrons, as well as provide beautification throughout the park.

Below is our list of projects to accomplish:

  • Refurbish dugouts on junior/senior field - within 12 months
  • Replace the backstop on the major field - within 12 months
  • Concrete slabs for all bleachers - within 12 - 24 months
  • Acquire a portable pitcher mound for the instructional - within 12 months
  • Acquire a new portable pitching machine - within 6 months
  • Installation of new water lines and irrigation system*within 12-24 months
  • Refurbish the restrooms - within 12 months
  • Update stairway leading to the clubhouse - within 12-24 months

*These projects are still in the planning phase and definitive costs have not been defined. As the information becomes available, it will be posted on our website.

As a way to honor those who contribute to one or more of our projects, sponsors will have their names placed on the project itself and/or have a vinyl signboard displayed.

In addition to the Project List, as with each year, we are in need of obtaining sponsorship for almost 40 teams for the 2012 season. For those of you who are returning sponsors, we wish to thank you for your continued support of Southside Little League. Our players and families greatly appreciate the opportunities your contributions have provided for us. Last year we switched from putting our sponsors name on the player’s hats to putting the names on the players’ shirts. This allows our sponsors more recognition for their contribution to our park.

Last season, our 10-11 year old Major boys’ All-Star team went down to compete for the State Championship. We would like to thank all those who generously donated money, gift cards and food items. While we didn’t win the state championship, the boys had a memorable experience thanks to your donations and support.

As a Little League, we have a duty to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children to grow and play in - an environment that fosters a sense of community and encourages growth and participation amongst its members. Please help make our season a success for our children and community by completing and returning the sponsorship contract with your donation or check or money order made payable to “Southside Little League” and return to:

Southside Little League

P.O. Box 2571

South Bend, Indiana 46680

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at southsidelittleleague11@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!

The Sponsorship / Fundraising Committee

Sponsorship Pricing

Grand Slam: $600.00 - Includes ad on our website, sponsorship banner on park fence and a team sponsor name on their uniforms. Please include artwork, preferably in the form of a jpeg file, along with your donation! Thank you!

Home Run: $500.00 - Ad on our website and a sponsorship banner on park fence Please include artwork, preferably in the form of a jpeg file, along with your donation! Thank you!

Triple: $400.00 - Ad on our website, and your name on whatever your donation goes to (picnic tables, batting cages, etc.,)