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Questions or Concerns about Southside Little League??

Use our Board of Directors page or our email address: southsidelittleleague11@gmail.com to contact us.


2017 Registration - Sign-Up Weekends


Southside Little League Sign-Up Weekend


at Southside Little League

400 W Ewing St., South Bend, IN 46601


Saturdays 10a - 3p | Sundays 12:00p - 4:00p

February 25 & 26

March 4 & 5

March 25 & 26


at Living Stones Church

718 Donmoyer Ave, South Bend, IN 46614


Saturday 10a - 3p | Sunday 1:00p - 3:30p

March 11 & 12


What to Bring and Additional Information

The most current information will be posted to our Facebook Group.

2017 Registration - Dates 

Southside Little League Registrations

at Southside Little League

400 W Ewing St., South Bend, IN 46601


Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 – 8pm

March 7 & 21

March 9 & 23


What to Bring and Additional Information

The most current information will be posted to our Facebook Group.

2017 opening Day - Saturday, April 29th

Southside Little League 2017 opening Day


*Note* this date is listed wrong on the Newsletter you received at Sign-Ups, sorry about the inconvenience*


Ceremony Starts at 10am



  • Announcement of teams, players, coaches, board members

  • Little League Pledge

  • National Anthem

  • Gear Swap Table

  • Concession Stand Snacks

  • First Games



at Southside Little League

400 W Ewing St., South Bend, IN 46601

The most current information will be posted to our Facebook Group

2017 Picture Day - May 20th

Picture Day - Opening Day

Picture Order forms should be handed out by your team parent or are available in the clubhouse as it gets closer to the date.

 Picture Day Schedule: TBA

This will also be our Port-A-Pit Fundraiser Date!

Questions: Contact your Team Parent or Sariah Garza, Team Parent Coordination, 574-335-9264

Gear Swap

Gear Swap -  April 29th, all day

Tons of old, out-grown, unused baseball/softball equipment cluttering up your garage, closet, car, house?

Bring it to our GEAR SWAP table Opening Day!

Cleats, mitts, batting gloves, bats, helmets, baseball pants, bags, old Southside shirts, hats, etc.

Need something, take it.
Don't need it anymore, leave it.


Questions: Contact Erin Donaldson, erin@storksavers.com or 574-485-4468

Umpires Needed

Your Chance to Help - Umpires Needed

Love the game? Want to help out your park & make some extra cash? Sign-Up to be placed on the Umpire List for the season (eligible to sign-up & be called to ump games).

$10/game home plate ump
$5/game base ump
*must attend training clinic hosted by our Park Umpire in Chief

Ages 13+ are eligible to umpire Minor Games & lower divisions
Ages 16+ are eligible to umpire Major Games & lower divisions

We need at least 5 people to sign up to attend the clinic to have it hosted for free. Email if interested. Clinic will probably be held on a Sunday afternoon.

Questions: Contact Janet Million southsidelittleleague11@gmail.com

more dates on our Calendar Page


Coupons & Savings

We will have Dick's Sporting Goods Coupons, along with Dunham's Sporting Goods Southside Discount Cards available for a 10% Discount for the entire calendar year. Pick one up at Sign-Ups or in the concession stand once the season starts.

A Note from the Park President, Janet Million!
My name is Janet Million and I have been voted in as the President of Southside Little League.  I have been involved with Southside for over 25 years.  Southside is a very special place for me; I met my husband here; my children grew up here. This park has been a second home to me during the summer months, and I have its best interest at heart.  

The Board of Directors and I plan on working very hard to see that Southside prospers.  My plan, going forward is, I am going to have the minutes and budget for every Board meeting e-mailed out to each member of the park.  That way everyone can see what the board has planned and what we spend and how much money Southside has.  We plan on keeping open communication on everything that is being done.  Also, we will not be able to pay for anyone to work in the concession stand this coming year.  We will need all parental support to help run the concession stand to get money back into our park.  

The Board of Directors are here for each member of Southside Little League.  It takes everyone to make this park run.  We will take all suggestions into consideration.  

I look forward to working with everyone and let's have make it fun for our kids and make this the best Little League park in South Bend!  Your kids matter to me as well as the Board of Directors at Southside Little League.  

Janet Million

Connect with us on Facebook!

Stay up to date and connected with our Facebook Group! This is the best way for us to post important updates, changes, schedule modifications, game cancellations, etc. 


Southside Little League Facebook Group: click here.

Join the Team!
Like all Little League Organizations, Southside Little League is run completely by volunteers.  There are several places where your talents can benefit our park. Volunteers are needed to help cut grass, maintain the diamonds and common areas, coach, umpire, manage projects, recruit volunteers, become scorekeepers, work the concession stand, serve on the Board of Directors, help with one of the Committee Teams, and many other areas. If you can give even a few hours of your time, please contact one of the board members. Make sure you have a Volunteer Application Form on file at the park.
Clinic & Camp Information
If you know of a Baseball or Softball camp being hosted in the area, please contact Erin Donaldson so we can get the information out to all our players. As we get the information, it will be posted below with links.


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